Guided Group (Spanish & English)

Sarah Qey Travel works with many tours operators such as Trafalgar, Gate1, Brendan Tours, Cie Tours, Cosmo, Monogram, Melia Tours, Nexus Holiday and Perillo Tours. 

Fundraising Groups

Fundraising Groups

At Sarah Qey Travel we can help you with your fundraising campaign. Our company slogan is “Travel with a Purpose”, if you have a purpose, need a fund to

grow your organization let our agency take care of it. It can be a Vacation Package, or a Cruise.

Religious Groups

Sarah Qey Travel offers religious groups for different places. Our most sales groups are to Italy, Turkey, and Israel.

Fundraising Group

Sarah Qey Travel will work with your organization providing you with the very best charity fundraising ideas.

Corporate, Conferences, Wedding Groups

Sarah Qey Travel offers packages to all your needs

Travel today is about much more than where your travelers are going. It's about the way your business is moving. We have saved companies thousands of dollars, while at the same time, growing efficiency, freeing up time, and improving traveler morale.


A conference has a topic, academic conference, science, religious, some many different topics and purpose. We are here to achieve all your expectations


We have a selection of resorts in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and many other places. Your wedding day is the most important days of your life, you need to get everything you have dreamed about it. Our partners are gurus and have the knowledge to make all the arrangements and make it easy for you. Call us for an appointment and we will give you all the details to meet your needs.